Cyber Network NM - Branding & Advertising


Cyber Network NM is a non-profit organization, in Santa Fe, that provides computers and related technology to those in need. Through rebranding, advertising, and web design - the brand experience is now uplifting, inspiring, and approachable. It creates a unifying presence in the community, and the purpose of the company is clear - equipping future community leaders and world changers. Advertising, Branding, Copywriting, and Web Design - Kara Jurgensen

Cyber touchpoints - Including co-branded Karma hotspot to be given away to all Cyber computer recipients. (Those who allow others to connect to their Karma hotspot for free receive free data allowances in return - perfectly fitting with Cyber's concept of Positive Influence)
Direct Mail - Mailed to local government organizations, large corporations, and nearby educational institutes to encourage the donation of computer equipment
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