We focused on the concept of "Growth" and how Century Link's networking services can help organizations grow to the next level.  After establishing the goals of the campaign, I created data visualization and cover art style references to be shared with the team for use across all campaign assets. 
The campaign consisted of multiple interactive and traditional assets. I designed both interactive assets: the Business Case Generator and the eBrochure. I also designed the first asset for each set of infographics and How-To Guides. Other designers on the team then referenced these designs to create the remaining assets.
Business Case Generator
The business case generator was designed to allow users to learn which services are right for them, and output a custom business case to present to their managers.
Art Direction: Daniel Fu  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen |  Development: Matthew Yang  |  Copy: Richard Heffernan


The eBrochure served as an online interactive brochure that educates users on each specific networking service, in relation to their company size.
Art Direction: Daniel Fu  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen  |  Development: Matt Yang  |  Copy: Richard Heffernan

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