Infographics were designed to display the information obtained by Spiceworks' IT Pro Survey. As top-of-the-funnel assets, these were intentionally made to be more playful and relaxed then the rest of the campaign.
Art Direction: Meredith Lupa  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen  |  Illustration: Kara Jurgensen  |  Copy: Eric Pulsifer, Barbara Goutelon
Animated Infographic
The VoIP infographic I designed was transformed into an animated infographic video by Spiceworks' animation team. I helped the animation team with this project by providing vector graphics for their use.
Design: Kara Jurgensen  |  Animation: Malcolm Hardiman
The eBrochure served as an online interactive brochure that educates users on each specific networking service, in relation to their company size.
Art Direction: Daniel Fu  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen  |  Development: Matt Yang  |  Copy: Richard Heffernan
Business Case Generator
The business case generator was designed to allow users to learn which services are right for them, and output a custom business case to present to their managers.
Art Direction: Daniel Fu  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen |  Development: Matthew Yang  |  Copy: Richard Heffernan


How To Guides
Ebooks were designed to be instructional and education How To Guides - informing users how to choose and implement the right solution for their business.
Art Direction: Meredith Lupa  |  Design: Kara Jurgensen  |  Copy: Richard Heffernan

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